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Every wedding ceremony is spectacular in its own special way, but it’s no secret that celebrity weddings are some of the most exciting. From the dress to the décor, if you’re looking for wedding inspiration that will really set your event apart then why not look to the stars!

The Dress

The wedding dress is the bride’s opportunity to take the limelight and show off their personality. Celebrity brides have demonstrated how to pull off a wide range of different styles, each one show stopping. Nicole Kidman’s floor length silk chiffon gown epitomises classic elegance. Although simple at first glance, the intricately detailed bodice gives it character and an air of romance. If that lacks the fairy tale tone that you want from your wedding inspiration then look no further than Portia DeRossi’s stunning backless dress with a soft pink skirt. This type of dress exudes femininity, and is perfect for the bride who dreams of being a princess for the day.

Of course not every woman wants a conventional dress, and if you’re looking to make a real splash then you might want to follow the wedding inspiration of style icon Marilyn Monroe. Her 1954 wedding to Joe DiMaggio saw her sport a brown suit with a contrasting peter pan collar. This bold wedding outfit proved that with confidence and originality you can pull off just about any outfit on your special day.

The Venue

The wedding venue is crucial, as you need a location that sets the tone and charms your guests from the moment they arrive. Many people like to choose a grand building to add gravity and heritage to the occasion, and it doesn’t get much grander than the stunning architecture and enormous presence of a castle. When looking for celebrity wedding inspiration you’ll find that high profile couples like Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and Peter Andre and Jordan have decided that nothing less will suffice.

With the recent news that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have secretly married after 10 years together, it’s clear that at the other end of the spectrum a subtle, intimate venue can be just as stylish. Their venue was a small chapel within their own chateau in the South of France.

The Entertainment

Celebrity weddings prove that a highly experienced DJ is the one thing that your wedding absolutely can’t do without. Take wedding inspiration from the likes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who made sure that at their reception the dance floor was flooded with guests. A talented DJ like DJ Knight can provide this service. After all, there’s no point getting the perfect dress and fitting out the perfect venue if your entertainment is lacklustre.

Wedding inspiration can come from the stars who actually work such events as well as those that host them. In his interview with Vogue magazine, DJ Cassidy discusses how to keep a wedding crowd entertained: it’s all down to the ability to read the crowd. This is an ability that seasoned DJs like DJ Knight have in abundance. With years of rich and diverse experience, DJ Knight has formed a connection with his audiences, giving his performances that unique wow factor celebrities demand and every wedding deserves.

Now you’ve taken wedding inspiration from some of the most high profile celebrities, you can start putting plans in motion for your own ceremony and reception. Don’t forget that top professionals like DJ Knight will only be available for your event if you book in advance!

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