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Hire The Very Best DJ & Electric Violinist Duo

Whether you want background music or are interested in party-starting instruments to help the DJ get people on the dance floor, extra musicians will always be a great addition to creating that vibe.

The combination of a DJ and extra musicians is always the perfect way to get a party in full flow, you may have been to an event, party or club and seen the amazing atmosphere it creates.

At DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, we offer a remarkable range of DJ & percussion hire, DJ & electric violin hire, DJ & saxophone hire, DJ & singer hire, or all the above, which can get the party rocking!

With our DJ & electric violin hire service, our violin players complement our DJ impeccably, creating a live, entertaining, peppy, and infectious atmosphere for your event!

This duo would add a WOW factor to the entertainment and something that your guests would never have experienced before. They will study their crowd and play accordingly.

Unless you state otherwise, the DJ & electric violin hire will set the mood of the crowd with soft background music during guest arrival and dinner.

Afterwards, when it is time to start the party, the DJ will play uplifting music, that will get guests up from their tables and onto the dance floor.

The DJ & electric violin duo can work for any event and for all types of guests and party-goers. Our DJ will ensure that the music they play appeals to all ages.

However, if you want us to play some pre-selected songs, we will be more than happy to play them for your guests at the event.

The show will surely impress your guests, and you can customise it the way you want.

We assure you that our team will create a remarkable visual effect, which will mesmerize your guests.

The DJ & electric violin hire service will see an interaction between the duo and both of them playing in tune.

The mind-blowing performance of the violinist and event DJ will give the audience the impulsiveness and enthusiasm of a live performance.

The performers will be accessible and will interact with the crowd, which will make the event a memorable experience for your guests.

The unique combination of musicians will bring a freshness to the music of your event as the duo will play songs from all genres.

No matter what the event is, you can book our DJ & electric violin hire service and bring excellence to your event.

The absolute versatility of our service makes it a suitable choice for an extensive range of events and their flexibility gives each event a tailored personal touch.

Our event DJ will transform your event location into a lively spot, and we have the experience to create your event the way you want it to be.

Contact us NOW and book the service of your choice with us.

Our customer care executives will be there to help you at each step. We will make sure that you get what you are looking for!



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