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Are you on the lookout for a DJ dance floor hire for any special event or party that you are organising?

There are plenty of companies offering DJ dance floor hire but what sets us apart from others is that at DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, we offer the best quality dance floor and at a very competitive price too.

You can compare our rates and services with any of our competitors and then decide for yourself.

Using the right kind of dance floor is important to make sure that your guests dance the night away and have a great time.

At DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, we offer different types of DJ dance floor hire, such as standard dance floors, starlight dancefloors, LED dancefloors, black dancefloors, white dance floors, and specially customised dancefloors.

Not only the dance floor hire, we at DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, also offer professional DJs, corporate DJs, fashion & instore DJs, wedding DJs, hotel & restaurant DJs, international event DJs, and Club DJs.  

Our DJs are fully experienced in their craft and will know what kind of music to play. They will not deafen the audience or crank it up to an unbearable volume.

We ensure that it sounds like music (not noise) that is stimulating enough to bring people to the dance floor.  

We, at DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, understand that the purpose of hiring a DJ is to have a fantastic event with the guests dancing and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Therefore, we allow our clients to choose the kind of music they would want to be played. Of course, we are always there to make suggestions but it is only with client consensus that we finalise the playlist for the evening.

And of course, if you opt for our DJ dance floor hire then the lighting and graphics of the dance floor will create an environment, which will make it difficult for the guests to stop dancing.

Young or old, we are sure the audience will thoroughly enjoy our musical offerings during the event. We also cater to any special requests made by guests.  

All of our crew, DJ & musicians are friendly, with plenty of experience in performing at music events, weddings, birthdays, corporate get-togethers, small and large parties.

From ensuring we dress for the occasion to maintaining a smooth interaction with all of the guests, we make it a seamless experience.

It is not just the dance floor that is of the best quality, we also provide the service of DJ lighting hire, DJ PA hire & DJ room decoration which will surely enhance your overall event experience.

The lighting used by us is the latest, sound-controlled lights, LED mobile lighting, and a backdrop that will set the tone for the evening.

Everything is pre-planned and executed to perfection.  

Ask for a free quote today. Whatever the event, we are always delighted to meet with you before the event.

We would be glad to offer a free quote with details of the services we will offer for your event, from the finest DJ to the DJ dance floor hire.


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