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There is a plethora of options to choose from but you need to select one that will be suitable for your occasion.

Apart from the DJ & music, the audience's interaction with the music will also depend on if you have a professional sound/PA system to hear everything clearly.

Nobody wants to be at an event or party with bad sounding audio, so it is very important that you book DJ PA equipment that is of a professional level.

Quality of equipment in use:  You would be hiring professionally PAT tested high-quality equipment is paramount to your event being a success.

There are different kinds of equipment used for different events. For example, at weddings in the earlier part of the evening, the music should set the tone for later at night and be subtle.

Thus, having a surround sound system to disperse the sound evenly is what we would advise.

Then later when everyone is on the dancefloor is when the F.O.H (Front of House) speakers come into play.

A top-quality PA system provides the right acoustics even when played at a very high volume.

Getting the balance between the bass, mid and treble is paramount. Having an on-site sound engineer monitoring the sound will ensure all the sound is mixed in the right way

The PA system is enhanced with the additional DJ event production elements such as laser lights, special effects, and other specialised equipment.

Would the DJ permit a guest to use the PA system? It is generally considered the norm for the DJ to use the DJ PA hire system by most organisers without consulting with the DJ first.

The fact is some DJs can be quite touchy about anyone other than themselves using their expensive equipment.

The concern is reasonable because, in the case of a social event where alcohol is flowing freely, an inebriated guest might end up damaging the PA system unwittingly.

Therefore, it is prudent to first enquire with the DJ if they are okay with any guest using their equipment.  

While there are plenty of individuals that claim to be qualified DJs out there, hiring an experienced and professional DJ for any event you organise is the key to having a successful program.


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