Room Uplighting – creating the mood

Have you ever been to a celebration and felt that although every attempt had been made to provide a wonderful party, something was missing – the mood just wasn’t quite right? In these cases it’s more than likely that the host wasn’t aware of the importance of using the right lighting and, more specifically, using room uplighting. Room uplighting is one of the best ways to create a feeling of warmth and intimacy from the moment that the guests walk through the door, and to keep that feeling burning all night. It’s more than likely that the venue has already been chosen with beauty and ambience in mind, uplighting simply gives you the chance to enhance this, with radiant results.

Imagine stepping through the door and into your wedding reception or birthday party, only to find that every wall is flooded with colourful light. This is the effect that room uplighting has on a venue.  On the wedding blog ‘It’s a Glam Life’, Miss Glam Bride discusses why uplighting is absolutely perfect for a wedding. As she tells us, it’s a real trend for wedding receptions at the moment, and it isn’t at all difficult to see why! However, it’s not just available for weddings – each and every event can benefit from the same glamorous makeover that room uplighting provides.

Uplighting is one of the newest lighting innovations, and the technology that powers it is pretty incredible. The use of LED lights means that they can be set to many different colours, helping to keep the mood shifting throughout the night: the venue can be washed in a cool, sophisticated blue while dinner is served and then switch to a more upbeat green or purple when everyone is letting loose on the dance floor. It also means that they don’t get hot, so there’s no risk of burns from guests accidentally brushing past them. They are also unbeatable in terms of value for money, as they use far less power than traditional mood lighting, helping the environment and leaving you with great savings!

These lights can be used to light up a single wall, or to flood the whole space with colour. They’re also suitable no matter what size or shape your room is. The effect they create is completely unique, and there’s no alternative that comes close to providing the same amount of colour and glamour. It’s not just the guests that benefit from room uplighting either.

shows a photographer’s perspective on why it is so important. As he tells us, room uplighting won’t just boost the atmosphere at the event itself; it will drastically improve the quality of any professional photographs that you have taken. This is yet another example of how room uplighting gives you great value for money – it even helps you get better value out of the professional photographs that you order!

So there you have it, room uplighting is one of the hottest trends in venue decorating right now. It’s cost effective, can be altered to perfectly complement the rest of your décor, and best of all it can set any mood that you require. Make uplighting work for you!

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