Venue Sound Limiters

This is something that should and must be looked into before booking a venue for your event. It is something that is not always taken into consideration. In fairness, it's not mentioned initially by all venues.

Every venue will have a different sound limit that your DJ or band will not be able to play over.

For example: you will be told that the sound level cannot go above 80db. Db is an abbreviation for decibel which is a measure of loudness. This is enforced either manually or electronically.

Manually - a duty manger with a decibel reader will monitor the level. If you go above, they will let the DJ or band know with a discreet gesture.

Electronically - The venue will have a limiter installed. So, when the DJ or band goes above the limit the whole sound will automatically cut out. This usually leaves an awkward silence in room until the system reboots. Before getting to the limit of cut out, there is a lighting signal that informs the DJ or band to take the sound down before it reaches the cut off points.

Both can be very inconvenient, and there is nothing that can be done. But I must say that, even though sound limits apply at some venues, the sound levels can be rather accommodating. There are just a few than can be hard to work with and they tend to be venues near residential areas.

I personally prefer not to have sound restrictions, but I would say they are not all bad .I advise that you ask what the venue limit is and if you can get a chance to hear a DJ or band live at an event to ensure the level will be suitable for your event. If you have any question you would like to ask me on sound limits and restrictions, please click here.

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