Bar mitzvah at Vanilla

Thinking of having your Bar mitzvah at Vanilla? What would a Bar mitzvah at Vanilla be like? Asking yourself these questions? We asked special events DJ, DJ Knight about the many advantages of having a Bar mitzvah at Vanilla. As it's a popular event space, you may be considering it. If you have attended or heard about a Bar mitzvah at Vanilla, but still have questions as to why this central London venue is a great spot to hold your Bar/Bat mitzvah, DJ Knight reveals all the all pros for holding a Bar mitzvah at Vanilla.

1. Self-Contained.

Vanilla is a self contained events space. This means that DJs do not have to bring in DJ or sound equipment, microphones or any other PA related equipment as this is all provided at the venue.

Barmitzvah DJ Set up

2. Lighting.

All the lighting is in house, so you don't have to worry about bringing in moving heads, washers, up lighting, spotlights or anything else relating to lighting up the space. They have a fantastic set up that will suffice your event or party.

3. Staging. Vanilla provide staging and podiums should you want to have a focal point for speeches or for children and adults to dance on. They also have podiums that are ideal for entertainment such as dancers.

4. Screens. Vanilla have projectors so if you have a video, pictures or a presentation you want to show, this can be done with total ease.

Barmitzvah at Vanilla Projection

5. Staff.

When you hire Vanilla, all security, cloakroom and event management staff are provided, so you can just concentrate on enjoying the party. The staff are exceptional and assist you in anyway they can.

6. Space.

The whole of Vanilla is white; the advantage of this is you can use lighting to change the mood or theme accordingly.

Barmitzvah at Vanilla room

7. Catering.

They have a fully functional kitchen which your catering company will love as it's spacious enough for them to prepare everything. They also cater for Kosher catering.

8. Guest numbers.

For your Bar mitzvah at Vanilla if you are doing a stand up event you can have approx. 150. For a sit down event you could have approx. 60 guests.

9. Entertainment.

No Bat mitzvah at Vanilla would be complete without entertainment. There are a range of entertainment solutions that would work at Vanilla, such as a photo booth, dancers, magicians or specialty acts.

10. Parking.

Parking is free from 6.30pm and ideal for dropping off and picking up.

Parking at Vanilla london

You can theme your Bar/Bat mitzvah anyway you want in Vanilla to suit you. It's a versatile space with many advantages.

DJ Knight has and continues to DJ at Vanilla for Bar/Bat mitzvah events. DJ Knight is one of the finest special event DJs around. He brings his wealth of experience and knowledge in entertainment to create truly amazing Bar mitzvahs at Vanilla.

If you have any more questions about holding your Bar mitzvah at Vanilla or want to enquire about DJ KNIGHT CLICK HERE

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