A Wedding Abroad with DJ Knight

Many couples that are thinking of tying the knot can't bear the thought of getting married here in the UK. With our weather being so unpredictable, for some couples the idea of a beach wedding in scorching sunshine overlooking clear blue seas is much more appealing. Here are some points, as a Wedding DJ, I think you should consider when planning a wedding abroad:

Special Place

Is there a special place that means something to you as a couple? Did you meet somewhere exotic? Or is there a particular destination that has attachments that would like to revisit? This is the place to think about choosing.


What kind of wedding abroad are you thinking of? Did you want a small affair with maybe just yourselves and a couple of family members or would you like to have as many family and friends there as possible? You really need to think about how much this means to you both who is there. If you are thinking of a small gathering then as long as you consult your guests, you can pretty much go where you fancy. However, if you would like a lot more family and friends to attend a wedding abroad, then you have many more things to consider such as if it is suitable for children, what is available for people to do and ultimately the cost to your guests. Also, if there are elderly guests you may need to think about if they are able to travel to certain destinations.


When planning a wedding abroad, there are a lot of packages on the market on offer. If you would rather just have one contact and pay one price, then a package deal may be the best option for you. However, if you would like to arrange it all yourself, you will have much more flexibility and find some real hidden gems all over the world which could end up working out cheaper and more of what you want.

Choosing a Date

You really need to think about the time of year you are getting married abroad. Although the time you choose may be summer here, it may be a different case in another country. You don't want to make the mistake of leaving England to get married in the middle of monsoon season!! Make sure you do your research when choosing the date and destination.


Why not book your entertainment from home? If you having a wedding abroad there is no reason why you can't use entertainment that you may know or have been recommended in the UK. There is nothing worse than having your ideal tropical, sunshine wedding in the most picturesque location for it to be followed up with a second-rate DJ. DJ Knight has many years of experience in traveling worldwide and has played at many foreign weddings and events.

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