Meet Your DJ – DJ Knight

On the 19th of October, DJ Knight is going to be setting up shop at the Wedding and Celebration Show in Essex. This gives you a golden opportunity to meet your DJ in person and find out first hand exactly what he can offer for your private party, wedding celebration, or corporate event.

Meet your DJ

Before the event itself, it’s absolutely crucial to take the opportunity to meet your DJ in person. It might seem like you can get an impression of your DJ over the phone or online, but without a face to face meeting you can never really be sure that you know exactly what you’re paying for! Here are some of the key reasons to come along and meet your DJ, DJ Knight, ahead of your special occasion:

  • Choosing to meet your DJ gives you the chance to discover first hand whether they have genuine charisma and charm. Some DJs might avoid meeting in person because they know that although they’ve perfected a smooth tone for their email conversations, in person they just fall a little flat. Once they’ve climbed up onto that stage, the whole rhythm of the dance floor is in your DJ’s hands. You might think the music itself is all that matters, but if it’s being served up by somebody who couldn’t care less, then that apathy is going to show its ugly face amongst the crowd as well. In contrast, an effective DJ will keep the energy levels at maximum all night long. DJ Knight is confident that once you’ve met him in person you’ll see that his genuine enthusiasm for your event is one of his unique selling points.
  • If you meet your DJ you an opportunity to see how they present themselves. Want your DJ to turn up in an outfit which clashes with your décor or, worse, belongs back in the 1970s? Unless you’re having a themed night, you need to be sure that you’re hiring somebody who dresses sharply and knows the current trends. A professional DJ like DJ Knight will always be well turned out, and meeting your DJ is an excellent chance to judge their style for yourself.
  • You can communicate your ideas better in person. If you have a strong vision of how you want the entertainment at your event or party to turn out, then you’re going to need to describe this to your DJ. Although concepts like lighting and song choices can be conveyed over the phone or in email, actually arranging to meet your DJ gives you a better chance of really understanding each other. DJ Knight always aims to give his clients exactly what they’ve dreamed of for their event entertainment, and chatting face to face helps him achieve this.

The Wedding and Celebration show in Essex is an opportunity to meet your DJ in person, and it shouldn’t be missed. DJ Knight is already looking forward to meeting as many of you there as possible!

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