Daytime Bar Mitzvah

Has your son or daughter reached that important age and it's now time for their Bar mitzvah / Bat mitzvah? Why not celebrate with a daytime bar mitzvah? This year DJ Knight has performed at a number of daytime bar/batmizvah's events. He is often asked, will, how & can it work. This article answers the most frequently asked questions.

Planning a Bar mitzvah

A bar/bat mitzvah is a very important time in your child's life and many families choose to host a large party to celebrate this momentous occasion. Celebrating your son or daughter's bar/bat mitzvah is a big event and you will want to throw the best party possible for your friends and family to join in the celebrations. There is a lot to think about when planning. Have you ever thought of holding a daytime bar mitzvah? It's a little different to the more conventional evening affair but a daytime bar mitzvah definitely has its advantages.

Why daytime?

There are many advantages to holding a daytime bar mitzvah. Most people choose the more usual evening party but a daytime bar mitzvah can be a great event. Celebrating during the afternoon will be a lovely, relaxing way to get friends and family together. Bar mitzvahs that are held in the evening can sometimes pass by so quickly. There is so much organisation and planning that goes into this event and then it all seems to be over in a flash! With a daytime bar/bat mitzvah, the celebration can be spread out over the afternoon giving friends and family more time to relax and celebrate properly with your son or daughter. In addition, as there are many different age groups attending the party, as it will be finishing late afternoon/early evening, this is much more attractive and beneficial to some guests.


When choosing a venue for your daytime bar mitzvah you will have more choice of availability. That venue you always wanted to have your celebration at is much more likely to be available. Also, venues will offer you better rates for hiring their space if you are having a daytime bar mitzvah event. Another benefit of a daytime bar mitzvah is that wherever your venue is located, if some of your guests are travelling from further afield, they will happily attend knowing that they can travel at a reasonable time of day instead of late into the evening.


I bet you are thinking that if you host a daytime bar mitzvah your party will lack atmosphere because it is being held during the day. This is not the case at all! With the right production, your daytime bar mitzvah can be completely transformed to make everything look as if it is an evening event. DJ Knight can assist and provide solutions to make your daytime bar mitzvah the best event possible. Your guests will be blown away with the production of your event if you have someone such as DJ Knight on board.


Just because you have decided to hold a daytime bar mitzvah, please don't think that you are now limited to what entertainment to have. You have exactly the same entertainment options for your daytime bar mitzvah; in fact you will have more chance of booking the exact entertainment you wish to have as they are more likely to be available for a daytime bar mitzvah.

Can I still have a DJ?

Yes of course! A DJ would still be a must for any bar mitzvah. There is nothing the children like more than to be entertained with a DJ playing their favourite music. Once all the formalities are done and you have had a lovely afternoon with good food and great company, what a great way to complete the proceedings with a fantastic DJ to dance the afternoon away. DJ Knight is the perfect choice to DJ at your daytime bar mitzvah. DJ Knight has many years of experience of DJing at bar/bat mitzvahs and can therefore provide the best possible service.

DJ Knight - not 'just a DJ?

Why not organise a special events DJ to complete the party. A special events DJ such as DJ Knight can not only DJ, he is a competent MC. For your daytime bar mitzvah he can also can provide other forms of entertainment to suit all your guests. He can arrange for dancers, magicians, graffiti artists to name but a few, to entertain everyone. DJ Knight has years of experience of providing bespoke entertainment ideas for exactly this type of party, even for a daytime bar mitzvah.


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