Do I Book a Band or a DJ?

You're throwing a big celebration party and the big question is 'do I book a band or a DJ?' This is of course a decision that you will find difficult to make.

Your Event

Whatever type of event you are planning, whether it be a birthday party or a wedding, you will want to have the best time. Music is the backbone of all events so it is imperative that you get this decision right! But the question is do you book a band or a DJ. Everyone you speak to will have different views.

Booking a DJ

There are many types of DJ out there and it depends on what you want out of your DJ. A DJ can make or break your party so you must do your research and make the right choice. A DJ such as DJ Knight will be sure to have your party in full flow all night long and can also provide entertainment solutions to complement his art. Some DJ's just stand there behind their decks and play the music but DJ Knight could be your master of ceremonies too, ensuring that the party runs smoothly and all aspects come together on time. Think hard about what you want when thinking do you book a band or a DJ.

Booking a Band

Booking a band is also an extremely hard decision to make. You will want to make sure that you have done your research and seen the band in action. Can they sing ok? Can they play the music that you like? It's a tricky thing thinking of whether to book a band or a DJ. At the end of the day it is all a matter of preference. Some people prefer bands and some prefer DJs.

How about both?

I bet you're thinking what do they mean? How about both? DJ Knight can introduce you to a great production called DJ Live. DJ Live is a fusion of both the band and a DJ and is therefore the best of both worlds. DJ Live comprises of DJ Knight playing great tunes and to accompany him there are fantastic live musicians such as saxophonists, violinists, drummers as well as a live professional singers to complete the set. It is a great spectacle and your guests would absolutely love it! Having DJ Live creates an electric atmosphere that will keep your guests dancing all night long. This could take the dilemma out of do you book a band or a DJ.

So book a band or a DJ?

Why not contact DJ Knight and with his wealth of experience of both DJing alone and as part of DJ Live, he will be able to discuss your requirements and advise accordingly. Whatever you decide to book you must do your research and meet with either your DJ or band so that you know you are making the right booking choice. Contact DJ Knight to arrange a meeting and his professional attitude will give you the confidence that you are making the right choice be it for him as a DJ or for DJ Live. Contact DJ Knight today to discuss every avenue.

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