A Comprehensive Guide to Booking the Perfect Corporate Christmas DJ with DJ Knight Music

If you’re planning a corporate Christmas event, a great DJ can be the key to turning your gathering into an unforgettable event. At DJKnight Music we understand the intricacies of planning the perfect event and the pressure of picking the right DJ to suit this. We have a hardworking team who will work closely with you to ensure all of your needs are met.


1.     Define your budget:

Ensure you set a clear budget for your event before going out and searching for DJs. Knowing your spending limit will help you narrow down your options which then avoids unnecessary stress later on. DJ Knight Music understands the importance of budgeting when organising your event and we can assist you in creating a budget that is achievable and realistic for you while still delivering an exceptional event experience.

2.     Identify your musical preferences:

A DJ can specialise in many different musical genres. For example do you want a DJ who specialises in holiday classics, modern hits, mix of both? Make sure you consider the musical preferences of your colleagues and clients. Knowing your audience will help to guide you in finding the right DJ. At DJ Knight Music we will work closely with you to ensure your musical preferences are met. We read our audience well so when our client gives us abrief of the guests that will be attending, we can create a fabulous playlist accordingly.


3.     Check availability:

Christmas is a busy time for DJs, so check their availability as soon as possible and enquire about their schedule for the dateof your event. This will help you secure the services of your DJ before someone else asks for them. We are always extremely communicative at DJ Knight Musicwhen deciding on the dates you need us for. We are always willing to put on a great show and therefore will be open and clear with you, never leaving you inthe dark.


4.     Taking the guess work out:

All DJs on DJ Knight Music have been personally chosen fortheir extensive experience as professional DJs. This mean you do not have toguess which DJs will be suitable for your event as we only have DJs with experience at playing at corporate Christmas events. Tell us your preferences and we shall pick the right DJ for your event.


5.     Clarify equipment and setup:

Depending on your chosen venue you may need the necessary equipment for your venue. Discuss setup requirements and enquire about any additional costs for sound systems, lighting or other technical needs. Here at DJ Knight Music, we like to work closely with our client’s to ensure all communication is clear and precise so that the event can run smoothly.


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6.     Discuss contract and terms:

Ensure you review the contract thoroughly. Check it includes details such as the date, time, venue and any specific requests or preferences you discussed. Clarify payment terms, cancellation policies and any additional fees.


7.     Communicate your expectations:

Clearly communicate your expectations regarding the atmosphere you want to create. Make sure the DJ understands the tone you’re aiming for, whether it’s a festive and lively party or a more relaxed gathering. With our skills and experience at DJ Knight Music, we can deliver on all of your expectations. We take pride in creating an exceptional atmosphere and delivering events that leave a lasting impression


8.     Coordinate with other vendors:

If you’re working with other vendors such as caterers or event planners, ensure that everyone is on thesame page regarding the schedule and logistics. This collaboration will contribute to a seamless and well-coordinated event. At DJ Knight Music we havegood communication when working with other vendors and our client. We alwaysstrive to be the very best and it’s in our best interest to make sure yourevent runs smoothly. 

9.     Confirm details closer to the event:

A week or two before the event, make sure to touch base with the DJ to confirm all details. Provide any final updates or changes and reiterate your expectations for the evening. At DJ Knight Music we have experience with a range of different events and our skills, communication and strive to be great really comes across. We will ensure all your needs are met and you’re promised a fun and exciting event!


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