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Your party is taking place in London. The venue is sparkling, the lights have been dimmed, and the guests are starting to pour in. Now all you need is the perfect entertainer: someone who can keep the atmosphere electric and get everybody up on the dance floor, ensuring that your guests have a truly memorable night. Looking to book a DJ in London? Luckily, when you hire DJ Knight you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are hiring a London DJ with the versatility and charisma to handle whatever event you throw at him.

DJ Knight covers the whole London area such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Fulham and all surrounding counties.

After 15 years of entertainment experience, DJ Knight is London’s top DJ, suitable for weddings, anniversaries, Christmas parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate functions, launch events and so much more. He knows that your event is your vision, and will work with you to ensure that the music you hear is setting the mood that you had in mind. You can relax, because with DJ Knight you’re booking a London DJ with an extensive knowledge of the music that he plays. Growing up on funk, jazz, soul, R&B and even classical music, he has been exploring and experimenting with diverse styles of music since he was old enough to wear headphones.

This has allowed him to become more than just a DJ, truly loving the music he provides. Now he can bring that passion and mastery to your event, playing music of many different genres, old and new. Of course the music is important, but so is the man himself. Know that if you book DJ Knight then you’re getting a London DJ with a difference: someone who will treat your event with the care it deserves, paying attention to all those important tiny details. Impeccable style, a magnetic personality and a professional attitude –a DJ with these qualities is guaranteed to make your party stand out, and leave your guests grinning at the end of the evening. DJ Knight can also provide the service of Master of Ceremonies, coordinating your event and ensuring that everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to.

This will allow you to enjoy your event as much as the people you invite. After all, you’re the one that has put all the effort into making it work – now you should be able to sit back, sip at some champagne and watch as your entertainment is handled by one of the best in the business.

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