Type of DJ

You have an event and its time to book your DJ. What type of DJ should you book? Yes! what type of DJ, you may not know that there are many different types of DJ's. When your booking a DJ, there are some factors to consider like...., What is your event? and what type of music do you want. In this article we explore the various types of DJ's.

Superstar DJ

The superstar DJ's are those who have ultimately produced and made there own music. They attract audiences who have specifically come to see them and hear the music they have produced or made. The audience knows there music and have come to mainly hear that music. Superstar DJ's are able to fill arenasized venues with number in the region of 10,000+. Superstar DJ's are are considered as individuals such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Calvin Harris Deadmau5, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Pete Tong.

Calvin-Harris- DJ KNIGHT

Specialist DJ

Specialist DJ's play at smaller clubs where the audiences have come to hear there particular type of music genre & style that they play. They maybe have produced a few tracks that are known to there true fans. They play in specific clubs and have a specific style of music that they play. Being specialist, they will usually only play a specific genre meaning if you want to hear pop and they specialize in dance - they are not for you.

Hip hop DJ

Event DJ

The Event DJ is one of the most skilled DJ's around. They undertake a number of skills in order to ensure you have a good time. The Event DJ is usually in charge of providing, setting up, playing and coordinating your event / party. This type of DJ plays right across the musical spectrum, because there aim is to have everybody on the dance floor having a good time. They are more than happy to take music requests and keep audiences engaged and happy. Event DJ's usually play at Weddings, Bar / Batmitvah's, Birthdays, Corporate & private events. They spend a considerable amount of time on events as they have to make sure that not only is the music right, but ensure that the lighting, sound and the coordination of the night is going to plan. Some Event DJ's also MC as well. With many elements to consider the Event DJ is considered a skill just like an other DJ.

Gorgon City

Picture Copyright Virgin Atlantic

My friend is DJ

The my friend is a DJ is just a good a DJ as any of the above. They may not be professional, but have a great knowledge of music and play at small family gatherings or house parties. They will know what you are into and will do there very best to make sure you all have a great time.

bedroom DJ DJ Knight

When choosing the type of DJ you want, it boils down to what exactly you are you are looking for.

Consider all the points before picking the right DJ for you. Good luck and have a great event!

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