Bar Mitzvah party top tips

When it comes to your Bar mitzvah party, it can be rather daunting when you think of all the elements you have to consider. Things such as, the planning, the coordination, event management, the entertainment, your Bar mitzvah DJ, the venue, the list goes on and on, and this all while your thinking of who you will be inviting, table arrangements, all the while still running the family home. And lets not forget the all important aspect – what you going to where on the night!

This is were Bar mitzvah party top tips by DJ Knight comes in handy.

Barmitzvah Party

This article is a check list of all the main factors to consider. With Bar mitzvah party top tips, planning your Bar mitzvah party will not be as stressful as it could be and may even seem like a stroll in the park. This is a guide on things that should be considered. DJ Knight has worked and continues to work on Bar mitzvah party events around the globe. With extensive years of experience, he has noted the top tips to be considered.

Once you have the date for your Bat mitzvah, here are the Bar mitzvah party top tips:

1. Type of Bar mitzvah

Decide whether you are having a sit down or stand up Bar mitzvah party. This will determine what kind of venue you should consider.

2. Book your venue

There will always be venues to hire for your Bar mitzvah, but if you are wanting a specific one, or that may be fairly popular! Get on the phone, arrange a viewing and secure a deposit as soon as possible. Leaving your venue to the last minute will leave you with a limited choice and could mean you missing out on your first preference. For a list of Bar mitzvah venues CLICK HERE

3. Book your DJ

Booking your Bar mitzvah DJ is a very important factor. The heart of all parties is the music. After your guests have mingled, fed and watered. What everyone remembers is, did they have a good time. Dancing and celebrating the night away is the sign of a good party. Popular DJ’s are booked up early. So make sure you make this a priority.

4. Meet your DJ

After you have booked your Bar mitzvah DJ, make sure that you meet up with them to discuss your party. A good DJ will be able to advise you on your time plan and coordination of the evening. Meet your Bar mitzvah DJ to know if there personality is what suits you. A DJ who is also a competent MC will help to ensure that your guests know exactly what is going on throughout the night. The role of the MC is important as they ensure the smooth running of your event.

5. Choose your theme

Decide on whether you are having a running theme or not. This will dictate the direction of your event.

5. Event Production

Once your venue and DJ is booked. Looking into a production company. A production company will be able to take care of your lighting, staging and sound for your Bar mitzvah party. If you are doing a themed event. It is ideal to use a production company to bring your vision to life.

6. Catering

No Bar mitzvah party would be complete without food. Make sure your caterer understands what you want, arrange tastings to ensure you will be happy with the menu.

7. Entertainment

To ensure you and all your guests have an evening to remember. Booking entertainment such as dancers, magicians, photobooths etc. Elements such as these will entertain the kids and the adults. For more entertainment Bar mitzvah party top tips CLICK HERE

8. Your outfit

At your Bar mitzvah party, choose an outfit that will make you feel like a diamond! And gentlemen, something that makes you feel regal.

According to Bar mitzvah party top tips, with all the main factors take care of, on the day – you should be gleaming from grin to grin. Remember the night will go by so fast, so don’t forget to relax & enjoy the party!!!

Tick all of these boxes and your on your way to having an amazing Bar mitzvah party for you, your family and friends to remember for event.

For more information on Bar mitzvah party top tips or to book DJ Knight CLICK HERE

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