Choosing the right venue for a perfect wedding

Once you have decided that you are getting married, it is a challenging task choosing the right venue in the right location for you and your guests. You really need to ensure that you get the venue right. Here are a few tips that may help you on your way:

Pick a Date

First and foremost set a date. Once you have a date you are ready armed when you go to view any prospective venues. If it is one you like you will already be able to book. This is important as venues can get booked up pretty quickly, especially if you are thinking of getting married at a popular time of the year such as the summer.

How Many Guests?

Once you have set your date, make a list of how many guests you would like to have at your wedding. This will be a deciding factor for your venue as you will need to find a venue that suits the size of your wedding party. Is your wedding going to be small and intimate or large and extravagant? Whatever your choice, you need to choose a venue accordingly.

Have a Vision

Have an idea of the type of wedding environment you would like to achieve. When you look at venues, try to imagine it how you would like it. It is possible with many event planners, to achieve exactly what you want in most venues. Your venue could be a complete blank canvas, so go in with an open mind and imagine what it would look like once you had a bit production, for example dancefloor, LED uplighters, drapes, etc.

Check their Suppliers

By this we mean check if you can bring in outside caterers, production, event planners etc when choosing the right venue, or if you have to use what the venue has or suggests. Some venues have a list of preferred suppliers which is fine, but you don't want to be bullied into paying premium prices for not such a good supplier when you know that there are better ones out there on the market. This is something to think of before making any firm bookings.

Check Bar Prices

It is worth checking out the bar prices before choosing the right venue. If you are planning to have a prepaid bar or your guests are buying their drinks, you don't want to be being charged £10 a pint of beer or glass of wine!! You won't be very popular with your guests and also if you are paying for the drinks you won't be starting married life as wealthy as you may like!!!

What else can the venue offer?

It is worth asking if there is anything that the venue can offer free of charge such as table centres, decorations, lighting etc. Anything to stretch your budget that little bit further!!Good luck!

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