Wedding Entertainment

After the vows themselves, wedding entertainment is perhaps the most important thing for a truly exceptional day. Whether you’re cultivating your event to be simple and elegant, luxuriously decadent or anything in between, it’s the party afterwards that determines how your guests remember it. Make sure that when your friends and relatives reminisce about your wedding, they’re thinking about the party that got them on their feet and celebrating.

In steps professional London DJ, DJ Knight. With a huge music collection, years of experience, and a desire to see a smile on each and every dancing face, he is the only choice for top class wedding entertainment. Three key qualities can ensure that your DJ will rock the venue to its very core: flexibility, charisma and intuition.

DJ Knight is flexible enough to construct your vision the way you want it. For the mood to be perfect, the sounds need to match. You deserve wedding entertainment that mixes genres and styles, but still keeps the music – and everyone on the dance-floor – flowing. After all, as the experts over at Wedding Ideas Mag remind us, the wedding is for the bride and groom but the party is for the guests too!

That’s why you need a charismatic DJ or MC who can charm the crowd without detracting from the real focus: the happy couple. DJ Knight is a London DJ who gets that this is your day. Your spotlight. From the first dance to the last, this is your wedding entertainment.

Finally, a top DJ needs unrivalled intuition. 15 solid years of DJ experience has created an understanding between DJ Knight and the crowd. By keeping one eye on the dance floor, he tailors his playlist to suit the people that really matter: the people you care for.
Over at Bridal Guide, their advice for hiring a DJ can give you a run down on the factors to consider when booking wedding entertainment. For instance, they suggest finding someone who is versatile enough to play at more than just weddings. DJ Knight has felt the benefit of performing to a huge range of different audiences, making him adaptable and versatile. Ultimately, he knows what it is that makes wedding entertainment so distinct from any other kind of party. It’s that spark of romance, flying off the bride and groom and infecting not just the audience, but the DJ too.

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