Simcha DJ

When you have a simcha coming up there are many elements to consider. First and foremost, after booking your venue, the next important factor is your simcha DJ as a major part of your celebration. Music will be the backbone to the success of your event. To ensure you have a great simcha, look into booking your simcha DJ. Here are some things to consider:

When to book

This can always be a puzzling point. Do you book 6, 12, 18 months in advance or with 2 weeks to go for booking your simcha DJ? The answer to this is very simple. If you have your date and venue confirmed, have met and discussed your event, happy with your simcha DJ, book them. This will alleviate any stress and panic later on. This also doesn't mean that you will not be able to book a simcha DJ nearer your event date, but it's always good to be organised in advance.

Meet your Simcha DJ

Once you have chosen your simcha DJ, take the opportunity to meet up. This is always a good idea as meeting your simcha DJ will let you know if they are the right for your simcha. Discussing all the elements of your simcha with your simcha DJ will determine if they will be able to deliver the service you require at your simcha event. As a major factor, forming a working relationship with your simcha DJ will ensure a seamless planning experience.


Music is the backbone of every event and your simcha celebration will be no different. It is important that your simcha DJ understands what type of music you want expect to be played for you and your guests. You are hiring your simcha DJ for YOUR event, therefore they should adhere to what you want. You shouldn't be expected to make an extensive playlist, but put a selection together of "must play" and "must not play" tracks. This will give your simcha DJ a flavour of what should be played for your celebration.

MC - Master of Ceremonies

When booking your simcha DJ, enquire if they will be able to MC for you as well. This will be handy for announcements, introducing speeches and the general running of your event. A DJ who can MC is a bonus and can an asset for your simcha event.

Site visit

Take a site visit with your simcha DJ to your chosen venue. This will give them a good idea of the space and can share ideas and concepts for production if you require this. If they are not able to make a site visit, then take photos of the room(s) so that you can discuss points.


Your simcha DJ will be able to arrange and discuss your timetable, because a major part of your DJ is to liaise with other suppliers and also ensure your event runs smoothly according to the timetable.


When looking for your simcha DJ consider all the factors above and you are sure to have a successful simcha celebration. Ask all the questions you want, don't be embarrassed -remember that it's your simcha.

DJ Knight is a professional DJ, who is requested to play at simchas. If you would like more information or for bookings CLICK HERE

For more on Simcha's and to chat, check out Simcha Hour every Thursday between 4-5pm on twitter @simchaHour

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