Meeting your DJ

When you are booking or hiring a DJ for a special event or function the most important thing to to do is have a meeting with your DJ. This will enable you to assess if they are right for you.

The Event

For your important occasion, you will spend a considerable amount of time preparing and arranging, thus it is essential that the person who will be responsible for you and your guests having a great time, is who they say they are. It is imperative to find out, if they are capable of delivering what you expect.


Music is the backbone of every function because music can make or break a party. Hire a professional - who has experience and knows what they are doing and you are guaranteed to have a successful party. Make the mistake and gamble on taking a chance and you could have a nightmare on your hands.

The Actual DJ

One way of making sure you get it right is by meeting your DJ in person. Recommendations are a great thing but there is nothing like seeing your DJ in action at a function, or meeting your DJ in person to assess if they are right for you.

Meet your DJ

Ways of meeting your DJ

There are a number of ways you can meet your DJ; ask if you are able to see them performing at a prior event. (This may not be easy, as DJ's have to have permission to allow this) Meet them at your chosen venue, so you can discuss room layout and plans for your event. Meet them at a fair - a lot of professional DJ's exhibit at exhibition fairs; this is a great opportunity to meet them face to face.

Trust your instinct

Now this might sound superstitious but trust your instincts when meeting your DJ. You will know instantly if they are right for you.

If there is an instant rapport and they totally understand everything you are conveying and demonstrate to you that they are right for your event, book them.

Booking your DJ

After having your meeting with your DJ book them as soon as you can. Most professionals require a deposit to secure your date. There are seasonal periods where DJ's are very busy, so if your event is around the same time get in early to avoid disappointment.

I hope all these tips have helped in making the decision on booking and meeting your DJ. DJ Knight, known as The Special Events DJ, is a professional DJ with years of experience and knowledge about events worldwide. He plays at weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate functions and special events.

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