How do I Choose the Right DJ?

So you have a party planned; a wedding, birthday, engagement, bar/bat mitzvah and you need to book a DJ. You're asking yourself, how do I choose the right DJ?

What type of party are you planning?

Once you have decided on the type of party you are throwing, then you need to choose the right DJ for your event. Whatever your type of party, you need to choose the right DJ as they can make or break your party. This is a very important decision and you have to ask lots of questions.

What can your DJ offer you?

Do you want more than just a DJ? If you choose the right DJ, they can be the host of your party, and entertainer and a master of ceremonies. This means that you can relax and enjoy your party knowing that your DJ will be completely professional and will have all events running to schedule. DJ Knight has a wealth of experience and you can be rest assured that he will have your event running smoothly.

Is the DJ versatile?

To choose the right DJ, there are many important factors to consider when looking. Firstly, a good DJ needs to be versatile. They should know their music and play whatever music is requested. Not just play the music that they like! If a guest requests a certain genre of music, be it hip-hop or Frank Sinatra, your DJ should be willing and able to play it  if the mood is right obviously and it's not going to kill the party! If you choose the right DJ, they should have such great knowledge of music and experience of DJing that they know what songs are likely to empty the dance floor and what songs are going to keep people dancing all night long. DJ Knight is such the perfect choice as he is all the above and much more.

Meet your DJ

Before you choose the right DJ please ensure that you meet your DJ face to face well before the actual event to discuss every aspect of your party. By meeting your DJ face to face, you will be able to build up a relationship beforehand and this will definitely make for a less stressful party as you know you will be in safe hands and you can relax and enjoy your big night. Choose the right DJ by booking DJ Knight and when you meet with him and you are guaranteed to be impressed by his charisma, style and professional attitude.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

Do some research before you choose the right DJ. Read some testimonials and reviews of the DJ you are choosing. DJ Knight has fabulous, positive testimonials and reviews that you are welcome to read and please feel free to contact him to ask any question, any question at all. DJ Knight is often booked on recommendation as his reputation is outstanding.

Book DJ Knight!

Finally, if your question was how do I choose the right DJ then I hope this has helped. The obvious choice is to book DJ Knight and you are guaranteed to have a party to remember that you will have all your guests in awe of your great event planning. You won't be disappointed!

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