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DJ Knight is proud to offer bespoke DJ pricing for all of his customers. Every event is different: every crowd gets moving to a different set of tracks, and every newly-wed couple expresses their love with a different first dance. There’s no reason that the cost of an event should be any different. DJ Knight’s policy of treating every event booking individually is reflected by his bespoke DJ pricing. Professional DJs offer premium products – and these are not one size fits all!

Bespoke DJ pricing simply reflects DJ Knight’s flexible, accommodating attitude. Instead of predetermined packages that offer a set product for a set number of hours, he will discuss the individual needs of each customer that wants him to provide entertainment for their event. DJs who only offer predetermined rates are often the same DJs who do not put the time into preparing and don’t bother to familiarise themselves with your unique situation. Hiring an amateur DJ has the potential to completely ruin your event, as a lifeless dance floor will make any event seem dull and unmemorable. Don’t take the risk! Look out for signs of true professionals, signs like tailor made service and, of-course, bespoke DJ pricing.

When you decide that you want to book DJ Knight, he will arrange to meet with you and discuss every aspect of your perfect event. He will listen to your music preferences, and find out whether there are any special songs that he needs to track down and play. He will talk to you about all the other elements that help to make the entertainment not just good, but perfect: the lighting, the production, everything down to the type of clothes that you want him to wear. As you can see, DJ Knight truly believes that each customer is special enough to warrant his full attention; bespoke DJ pricing certainly reflects this.

It’s well known that the finest suits are made to measure, not bought straight off the rack. Similarly, a bespoke engagement ring can make a proposal even more spectacular. Event entertainment is exactly the same, and whether you’re looking for the romance of a wedding reception or the glamour of a launch party only tailored DJ services can provide everything that your event deserves. You might be surprised to find that not every DJ offers this great service – it is still common for people to offer set packages that assume every event is the same. Professional services with bespoke DJ pricing aim to put an end to all that.

When you make the decision to hire out a DJ, be it for a birthday party, office event or anything in between, make sure that you know you’ll be getting a dedicated service. Alongside experience and professionalism, bespoke DJ pricing is one way to be certain that you are hiring the best in the business.

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