Top 20 Hits of 2005

I bet your thinking 2005, that was ages ago! I cant remember what happened then. Well... music has a funny way of reminding us of particular times in our lives.

Now if you remember partying away to these songs like it was yesterday or last week, does it mean we are getting old or time is moving quick? who knows, but, I'm sure you will be shocked to when you see and hear the list of the top 20 hits that were released in 2005. I had to double check myself because I remember all of these songs like it was last year. I still play most of these tracks at clubs and events on a regular basis, as they still go down very well.

The songs are in no particular order, this is just a list of top 20 hits of 2005. Yes songs from a decade ago - Let it sink in.

Top 20 Hits of 2005:

1. Gold Digger, Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

2. Lose Control, Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

3. Drop It Like It's Hot, Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

4. My Humps, The Black Eyed Peas[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

5. Candy Shop, 50 Cent featuring Olivia[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

6. Don't Cha, The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

7. Pon de Replay, Rihanna[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

8. Rich Girl, Gwen Stefani featuring Eve[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

9. Caught Up, Usher[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

10. Slow Down, Bobby Valentino[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

11. My Boo, Usher And Alicia Keys[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

12. 1 Thing, Amerie[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

13. Get Right, Jennifer Lopez[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

14. Ordinary People, John Legend[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

15. Get Back, Ludacris[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

16. Soldier, Destiny's Child featuring T.I.&Lil Wayne[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

17. Run It!, Chris Brown[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

18. Lonely, Akon[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

19. How We Do, The Game featuring 50 Cent[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

20. Like You, Bow Wow featuring Ciara[su_youtube url="" width="740"]

All the top 20 hits of 2005 can be purchased from the itunes store on line. For a direct link CLICK HERE

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