Pharrell Williams

So people have been asking me what do I think of the new Pharrell Williams Girl Album. Ill tell you exactly what I think! The album is a master piece and its something that if you haven’t acquired into your music library already, You should be asking yourself why not! And then after you have had that talk with yourself, go and get it.

The Pharrell Williams Girl album from beginning middle to end has got bangers and hits all day long! The production off course is A1, what you would expect from Pharrell Williams. Now vocally Pharrell Williams is no singer, but you have to let him off and you do, because the tracks are that good, you ignore that fact. The Pharrell Williams Girl album has tracks that make you feel good and make you want to dance. There is a fusion of disco, funk, soul & electric all blended into this album

The album starts off with “Marilyn Monroe”, which is just so funky with a hook that will stick in your head for days.

“Brand new” feat Justin Timberlake is gonna be one that ill be banging in the clubs, crazy old school feel on it that just gives you that Prince / MJ feel.

“Hunter” is a chic track and reminds of Blondie’s Debbie Harris, feel and vibe, the track has swag with an infectious melody.

“Gush” is again just pure funk, its something I could imagine Prince composing and jamming away too.

“Happy” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks around at the moment! No matter what music genre or style your into this track just has that “feel good” factor, it just makes you wanna dance, smile and puts you in a happy mood, no matter where or what time you play it. I love playing this one when i’m out because everyone for 5 to 55 likes to dance to this one.

“Come get it” reminds me of early days Pharrell production. Not a strong track compared to the rest of the tracks and doesn’t stand out, but nice and easy to listen too.

“Gust of wind” featuring Daft Punk, another great masterpiece, the string arrangement fused with funk and the electric sound of daft punk! Simply a Banger.

“Lost Queen”now this is a different vibe from the rest of the album, sound is kinda African / swing. You need to listen to it to get what I mean. Cool track and really like it because its a contrast from the album.

“Know who you are” featuring Alicia Keys, cool low key sounding love Ballard.

“It Girl” a disco funk sounding track that has an easy listening vibe to it and pleasant way to end the album with.

Overall I give the Pharrell Williams Girl album 8.5 out of 10 for this album. Consistent, great production, cool collaborations, brilliant dance floor filler tracks for DJ’s to play! Fantastic album.

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