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Has your loved one just popped THE question? If the answer is yes then congratulations!!! You're engaged to be married!! That's fantastic news and what a fun and exciting time you have ahead of you. A new life together is about to begin. As you are now engaged, what better way to spread the good news than to throw an engagement party to make the big announcement? Venue? Guests? Engagement party DJ? So the planning begins now. So many questions and so much to think about!

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All these questions can be so overwhelming as an engagement party needs a lot of planning as it's the time when two different families and two sets of friends finally meet and party under the same roof.

Are you planning a party?

So you've got engaged, decided to throw a party and have set a date for the big celebration. Now the organising commences. So many things to consider; how many guests are you inviting? Have you chosen a venue? Is it a dinner? Is it a party? If it's the latter then you will need an engagement party DJ. This is something that must take careful consideration and a decision that you must get right.

Engagement party DJ Knight

What is an engagement party DJ?

An engagement party DJ is a special breed of DJ. An engagement party DJ must have great knowledge and experience of music, ability to read a crowd and play to a diverse audience as an engagement party is obviously going to have a wide range of ages present. A good engagement party DJ is going to be the host of your party, an entertainer and a master of ceremonies.

Is the DJ versatile?

Is the DJ versatile?

There are many important factors to consider when looking into booking an engagement party DJ. Firstly, a good engagement party DJ needs to be versatile. They should know their music and play whatever music is requested. Not just play the music that they like! If a guest requests a certain genre of music, be it hip-hop or Frank Sinatra, the engagement party DJ should be willing and able to play it if the mood is right obviously and it's not going to kill the party! The engagement party DJ should have such great knowledge of music and experience of DJing that they know what songs are likely to empty the dance floor and what songs are going to keep people dancing all night long. DJ Knight is such the perfect choice as an engagement party DJ as he is all the above and much more.

Is your DJ aware of his audience?

Secondly, a crucial skill of the engagement party DJ is reading a crowd. The engagement party DJ should be watching around the room and surveying the crowd at all times; looking for people's reactions to certain songs; are they singing along? Are they tapping their feet? By checking out these tell-tale signs, a DJ can gauge what kind of audience he has and thus play the music accordingly. DJ Knight has this great skill as an engagement party DJ. How are you going to know that the DJ you are booking is going to be an expert in sizing up a crowd? Well when you meet with your engagement party DJ, ask them what they look for when they are gauging a crowd; if you only get a short answer then the chances are you are booking the wrong DJ. If you ask someone like DJ Knight, then he will be able to speak volumes on this subject as he has a wealth of experience in DJing at engagements and other such parties. DJ Knight has many very happy clients and he always gets booked on recommendation.

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Can your DJ manage the event?

Finally, a good engagement party DJ should also be able to manage the flow of the party by being a capable master of ceremonies. What does this mean? Well as a master of ceremonies, the DJ will be aware of the catering, any speeches to be made with toasts, any other entertainment that has been planned and therefore be able to play the right music at the right times in the evening and break at the right time should there be an announcement to be made, i.e. the happy couple coming to dance floor, what entertainment is about to begin or if there is a cake to be cut. DJ Knight is more than capable of this as he also able to plan your event from beginning to end as he has access to various forms of entertainment and has planned many parties and events with extreme precision over the years.

Meet your DJ

Ensure you meet your DJ

When looking to book your engagement party DJ remember that you should be able to meet your DJ face to face well before the actual event to discuss every aspect of your party. By meeting your DJ face to face, you will be able to build up a relationship beforehand and this will definitely make for a less stressful party as you know you will be in safe hands and you can relax and enjoy your big night. Book DJ Knight as your engagement party DJ, meet with him and you are guaranteed to be impressed by his charisma, style and professional attitude.

Book DJ Knight!

So congratulations once again; book DJ Knight and your engagement party will be one to remember that will have your guests talking for a long time after and you won't be disappointed! You will want to book DJ Knight for your wedding!

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