<red-head>So you are getting married, and that surely calls for a celebration! If you have already started with the preparations for the wedding, a Cool Jewish Wedding DJ will be vital to the success of your Wedding.<red-head>

From your first dance, music sets the tone for the reception and is an important factor in determining the overall experience of your guests.

Even though some people believe in designing and playing their reception soundtracks, it is better to have a wedding DJ so you can be stress-free.

Jewish Weddings are special events with personal touches and rich customary moments. Dancing is a key aspect at Jewish weddings with the Hora being a popular custom that is typically performed to Jewish songs like Hava Nagila, Siman Tov Mazeltov and Mashiach to name a few.

So if you have an upcoming wedding and you want some extraordinary music for the wedding reception, you can hire a cool Jewish Wedding DJ, who will make your wedding fun and perfect.

At <red-head>DJ KNIGHT MUSIC<red-head>, we have helped thousands of wedding couples to find the perfect DJs for their Jewish wedding.

So we have put together this guide that will help you in case you are searching for a Jewish Wedding DJ who is cool, modern and understands all the traditional elements as well as knowing how to create a celebration.

<red-head>Read on to know what are the different types of DJ hire that you can do for your wedding, what questions should you ask the DJ before making the wedding DJ hire, and much more.<red-head>

<red-head>The Basics<red-head>

<red-head>Which wedding DJ to choose?<red-head>

  1. Beginner DJ Hire: This is a wedding DJ that is referred to you by a relative or friend. They tend not to be popular and usually just get bookings based on word-of-mouth. You cannot find them on Instagram or anywhere only, but you have been told that they have performed at some parties. Hiring this kind of DJ is a little risky; as they may not have extensive experience.
  2. Part-time local DJ: You have witnessed the performance of this DJ at some local events. They do not come with a team but music is their passion, they do some events along with their other full-time job. These DJs are accountants, managers, etc., in the day and wedding DJs at the weekend. They are not the best when it comes to mixing, but are fine with the basics. You can use the service of this wedding DJ if you and your crowd are not too particular about the music.
  3. Professional Cool Jewish Wedding DJ: They are professional wedding DJs who also have a full understanding of the ceremonies and can play music according to the event.

They specialise in events and weddings and have their websites, and you can also check their previous work. They work with instrumentalists, decorators, and take efforts to make sure that they cater to the needs of your crowd.

These kinds of event DJs have prior discussions with you to figure out the age and taste of your guests. At DJ KNIGHT MUSIC, we fall into this category and perhaps the majority of our competitors who have extensive experience.

<red-head>Should I opt for a live band or wedding DJ?<red-head>

There is no doubt that a wedding DJ cost is much more affordable than a live band. While on one hand a wedding DJ can be arranged from £500, when it comes to a professional Live band, the price starts at around £3000.

However, it cannot be denied that a Live band is the best when it comes to creating the perfect party atmosphere for your event. So why not combine both?

With us, you can get a package and have both a live band and a DJ at your wedding. You can also customise this service with DJ and other musicians.


- The SuperSonics DJ LIVE Party Band

- DJ / Saxophonist / Percussionist

<red-head>Questions to ask your Cool Jewish Wedding DJ<red-head>

When looking for a wedding DJ, you must ask them a few questions to make sure they are the right choice for your wedding day. These are the questions that you should ask when looking for a mobile disco hire.

<red-head>How do you handle the situation when people don’t dance?<red-head>

This is a common problem. Sometimes, the guests are shy, sometimes they don’t like the music, and sometimes they just need a little more time to warm up. You need to ask your wedding DJ how they will tackle this situation.

Will they encourage the crowd in such a situation or start with the special dances so that the crowd can join in. Make sure that your Cool Jewish Wedding DJ takes it upon him/her to make sure that everyone has fun and does not just leave the crowd on it's own.

<red-head>How do you mix the music?<red-head>

A good DJ will always know what kind of music to play depending on the age and interest of the audience. If your wedding DJ tells you that they understand that the majority of the crowd consists of the elderly and they won’t play Taylor Swift songs then they are the right DJ for you.

A good wedding DJ will understand that their main aim is to get more and more people on the dance floor and make sure that they have fun.

<red-head>How do wedding DJs take song requests?<red-head>

Wedding DJs can play any song that the audience requests, so they usually take requests from the audience; however, it is better to still inform them beforehand of what you would like to hear. You also need to make sure that your DJ is at ease mixing varieties of music from styles, to decades, mixing in slow songs, and fast songs alike.

Make sure to discuss with your wedding DJ when the requests will be taken and what can be done to take maximum requests.

Also, you can give some songs of your choice to the wedding DJ beforehand so they can be used at the event. However, make sure that you don’t give too many of your favourites as it is important to also trust the judgment of the wedding DJ. Also, make sure that the songs that you choose are peppy and danceable.

<red-head>Are you a Master of Ceremony DJ?<red-head>

There are only a few DJs who can also do the Master of Ceremony duties. This means other than playing the music the Cool Jewish Wedding DJ will also make announcements about the entry of the couple, the cutting of the cake, and hype the guests. This comes under Emcee service, and the Master of Ceremony DJ also has the responsibility of entertaining the guests and making sure that everything runs smoothly. It is important to ask your DJ what they do other than music.

<red-head>Discuss and ask for suggestions<red-head>

A good wedding disc jockey will offer suggestions and will insist on having a few meetings before the event. Here, they would like to know what your expectations are for your special day and how you want the day to unfold.

A cool Jewish Wedding DJ will also make suggestions on how the DJ and music must be scheduled.

They will ask you questions like what is the average age group of the guests, is there any particular song that you share with your partner, the plan of the event, and much more. The wedding DJ would also like to know the name of close family members and their relationship with you.

You should make sure to ask all the important questions from the wedding DJ and also provide an answer to all the questions asked by them. The transparency in the communication will help you make the event a success.

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<red-head>Equipment & Setup<red-head>

A DJ service usually can take care of things other than music. A cool Jewish Wedding DJ can also supply exceptional lighting, props, smoke and bubble machines, and other items. DJ hire from a professional company makes sure that everything is taken care of and you do not have much to worry about.

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<red-head>Where to set up the wedding DJ?<red-head>

It is best to have them set up behind the guests where the speakers should be facing the front. This ensures that the setup does not show up in your pictures and the sound is also equally balanced. The positioning also ensures that guests are not distracted and the wedding disco gets the proper view of the guests, as well as the ceremony.

<red-head>Will local DJs come with their equipment?<red-head>

Some DJs come with their own audio equipment, like speakers, and all other things crucial for the music. However, the equipment used by a professional cool Jewish wedding DJ must be of the best quality as it can make a lot of difference in the sound quality.

Therefore the DJ will work with a professional Audio-visual company who will provide sound, lighting, staging and management of the all the technical elements of your Wedding.

Hiring professionals ensures the bride and groom will not have to worry about all the details on their big day as they will have plenty of other things to be concerned with.

Using professional AV companies, they will have backup gear in case something gets wrong. Of course, it is not possible to double up each piece of equipment, but there should always be a backup of some important gears together with some extra cables.

You should also check with the venue to see if there is a time limit until which the music can be played. If yes, then you need to plan the event accordingly. It is also better to check with the venue if they need any particular licence from the DJ.

<red-head>Is there a need for wireless microphones?<red-head>

It is always better to have wireless microphones for your ceremony as they ensure both convenience and safety. The best thing about them is that they do not need cords and can be placed anywhere.

There are various other devices that you can opt for depending on the size of the gathering. It is best to discuss with your wedding DJ what all equipment would be suitable for the event and what all can be provided by the company.

<red-head>When should the wedding DJ arrive at the venue?<red-head>

A wedding DJ should arrive at the venue at least 2 hours before the start of the event, so he/she gets enough time to make the arrangements. If other vendors are coming with the setup, the DJ might require coming accordingly.

The setup time depends on the complexity of the system. For instance, the setup time for a basic system can be less than 30 minutes, while a complex system can take several hours.

A cool Jewish Wedding DJ will always reach the venue on time and make sure that the sound checks are done, and equipment is tested before the guests arrive.

As you might have spent a huge amount on the wedding decorations, the setup must not hamper the show of your decorations in any way.

<red-head>What dress code can I expect Cool Jewish Wedding DJ?<red-head>

Professional DJs come in their uniform, which is usually a suit and dress like other party guests. A professional Wedding DJ will never turn up come in shorts, street clothes, etc. At the time of the DJ hire, let them know the theme so they can try to dress accordingly.

<red-head>Booking a wedding DJ<red-head>

The decision of booking DJ entertainment is not something that you should make in haste. You should ask all the important questions and only confirm the hire when you are fully satisfied. Even after the booking, make sure that the Cool Jewish Wedding DJ follows all the regulations.

<red-head>When and how should I book the DJ?<red-head>

If you are opting for a Cool Jewish Wedding DJ, it is better to book ahead as soon as possible. These DJs are usually booked months in advance, and you do not want to miss your favourite DJ.

At the time of the DJ hire, just let them know your requirements, and they will give you a quotation accordingly. This quotation usually covers the travel expenses. The wedding DJ cost depends on their experience and the services that they are providing.

<red-head>How should the Cool Jewish Wedding DJ behave?<red-head>

A DJ is not a guest at the event. He/she is a professional who is there to do the assigned job. It is expected that they behave professionally just like a vendor should. They should always keep you in a loop and share with you some worksheets mentioning the songs they intend to play at the time of different ceremonies.

For a professional wedding DJ, the bride and the groom are always the priority, and he/she will do anything to reduce their stress. So choose your Cool Jewish Wedding DJ wisely!

<red-head>DJ KNIGHT<red-head> is one of the most sought after Jewish Wedding DJs, Known as the Special event DJ, he DJ'ed & Hosted for Karen Cinnamon the founder of smashing the glass.

He is also an event producer and is able to advise on styling, decoration and audio-visual elements for your Jewish Wedding.

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