DJ & Saxophone Player

The combination of adding a musician with the DJ is always a good idea. Live musicians enhance the tracks played by the DJ. What combo is the best? Every single one works, therefore it is a matter of preference. In this blog, we will be discussing the collaboration of DJ & saxophonist.

The saxophone has been an instrument admired and respected for many years. Over the past decade, it has become even more popular to see them playing alongside DJ's. It was something that was mainly seen in trendy nightclubs & large stage productions in exotic locations around the world.

More than ever you now see saxophonists playing with DJ's at all types of events such as birthday's, weddings, Bar/Bat mitzvah's, corporate functions and product launches. The addition of a saxophonist will work at all functions. The synergy of the saxophonist and DJ working in unison complements the music that the audience hears.

How does it work? The saxophonist plays on top of the track the DJ is playing, the synergy of the two intensifies the musical experience.

The saxophonist can perform statically or roam. When the saxophonist roams amongst guests, it creates a stupendous atmosphere on the dance floor.

A personal favourite, is at the beginning of an event as guests arrive for reception, The DJ would be playing laid back background music, as the saxophonist roams while playing. This is a great way to start your event and have your guests entertained. Throughout your event the DJ & saxophonist will play together giving your event a live element that will be a crowd pleaser.

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