Choosing a venue

When it comes to choosing a venue for your event it is imperative that you pick the right one that will suit your needs and requirements. How do you know if it will be right for you? Lets explore what to consider when choosing a venue for your function.

Choosing your date.

Once you have your date in place, it is a good idea to get in touch with the venue you have in mind to secure your date. Many popular venues get booked up well in advance. This is not to say that you will not be able to get a date at shorter notice but you want to give yourself a good chance of booking your 1st choice.

Choosing a venue DJ Knight

Number of guests

When you have figured out how many guests you will be inviting, look into places that are ideal for your numbers. There is no point in booking a venue that is best suited for a 300 seated event when you are having 150. You want to make sure the space complements your event.

Style of event

When choosing a venue, consider what type of event are you having; this will also help you to narrow down what type of venues would be ideal for you. If you're going for a stand up style, you may want to go for a club styled venue or marquee. If you're doing a sit down event, you may be considering a function room. It is not to say that you cannot have a seated marquee or seated club style event, it's just something to think about so you have what is best suited to you.

Check it out

Before choosing a venue you want to book try your best to see what it looks like when a function is going on. This will give you a real feel of what it does, and what it can look like during an event. Seeing a room on a site visit when it's a blank shell doesn't give you the real picture. Lighting, staging, theming will truly indicate what a venue will look like during a function - so check it out.

Themed party DJ Knight


If you have a theme for your event, consider this when choosing a venue. You may be wanting to create a totally bespoke function. In that case a blank canvas may be more suited to you, as you will be able to create exactly what you want. If a bespoke theme isn't want you have in mind, a self contained event space could be what you are looking for, as they make for equally great party atmospheres.

Self contained vs Dry hire venues

When choosing a venue, there are two types.

1. a self contained space, meaning it will come with lighting sound equipment and possible furniture.

2. a dry-hire space, means you hire just the space, so you would have to bring in all the elements such as staging, lighting, furniture and production. Not all event spaces are the same, so make sure you do your research to find out what will work for you.


If you would like more tips and advice on choosing a venue, feel free to contact DJ Knight. As he is constantly djing at all types of events he is a great source to asks questions regarding a venue you may be considering for your event. To ask him any questions regarding this article, choosing a venue or your event or bookings CLICK HERE

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