Booking a DJ

You would not purchase something without knowing what the product was or is capable of right? No, So why would you just book any DJ?

The booking a DJ article will cover some basic things to consider when making that important decision.

When it comes to your important event like a wedding, birthday party, graduation, anniversaries festive celebration or whatever it may be. The back bone and success of your night all boils down to the music and the DJ behind the music.

Yes you need the venue, the drinks, the food and your guests. But the most important ingredient is the music. Forget that idea of thinking you can get away with using a playlist from an iPod or just booking a random DJ and hope you get lucky.

You can’t afford to leave something so important to chance. To ensure a successful event. You must get your music right and the best way is booking an experienced DJ.

In order to make your night a success you need to have a DJ who truly knows about music but also knows how to read a crowd. DJ’s with these abilities are DJ’s who have had countless experiences over a considerable amount of time.

Booking just any DJ, is risky. Why? Because you don’t know who you could be getting and therefore are taking a massive gamble on an event that you gave spend countless hours organising and preparing for, don’t for short by just thinking. I need a DJ, I’ll just book anyone. No! You started well so finish the task. Don’t just book a random DJ.

Do some research, if your booking through a DJ agency, your event planner or a recommendation. Find out who the DJ is, what experience they have, how long have they been DJing for, what types of events have they DJ’ed at and better yet meet them. Yes meet them.

Phone calls, emails, texts are good to communicate, to get facts across.

But there is one thing they still can’t do and that is read someone’s character. That you will have to do the old fashioned way, and that is to meet up face to face. Meet your DJ and you will know straight away if they are right for your event or party.

Now you wouldn’t buy something without knowing exactly what your getting right? So why would you with a DJ? You need to make sure that you are booking a DJ who suits your needs and tastes and who will really give your party the right atmosphere and vibe so all your guests enjoy themselves.

So to summarise:

  • Find out who you are booking as your DJ
  • Do some research into your DJ
  • How long have they been DJ’ing
  • What experience do they have
  • Meet your DJ

Follow some of these simple points on how to book a DJ for your event and you won’t get left with any unexpected surprises. Ensure you get the party YOU want with the atmosphere and experience you will remember.

DJ Knight is London’s top corporate, commercial, private and special events DJ with over 15 years experience in entertainment.

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