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Once you’ve decided it’s time to book a wedding DJ, you need to think about the 10 crucial wedding DJ questions you’re going to ask to ensure that you’re booking the right person for your event. Here’s our run down of 10 crucial wedding DJ questions that are absolutely essential if you want to be confident in the DJ you’ve chosen.

1. Can we meet in person?
This is a very important question – and you want the answer to be yes! The folks at My Deejay point out that if your DJ won’t meet you in person then they either aren’t making time for you, or they’re hiding something. DJ Knight personally prefers face to face meetings, as they are the best way to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

2. Do you only DJ at weddings?
Bridal Guide recommends this question, and it’s so important that it has to make your list of 10 crucial wedding DJ questions. A DJ who does nothing but weddings won’t have the scope of experience to really bring the roof down at your wedding reception.

3. What type of music will you play?
When it comes to providing the music at your wedding, a professional DJ won’t let their personal music tastes get in the way of providing a tailored service.  Make sure the playlist will be based on your desires and requirements!

4. How big is your music library?
Directly related to number 3 on our list of 10 crucial wedding DJ questions, this question allows you to find out whether your DJ is actually capable of providing the songs that you want. DJ Knight not only has an extensive music collection, but given enough time he will find any particular songs that you need to make your occasion truly special.

5. What will you wear?
It’s important to take some time before the event to think about what you would like your DJ to wear. It’s obvious that any DJ should make the effort and not look scruffy, however you also need to consider that they shouldn’t be overdressed: the bride and groom shouldn’t be overshadowed. That said, any DJ should still look stylish, crisp and on trend. Most importantly, professional DJs like DJ Knight will adhere to any theme requirements.

6. Do you have back up equipment?
The next item on the list of 10 crucial wedding DJ questions reminds us to never underestimate the importance of a plan B. Although DJs at the top of their game will take every precaution to ensure that nothing will go wrong, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be prepared for every eventuality. Make sure your DJ won’t be fazed by unforeseen issues – the show must go on!

7. Will you take requests?
This is another question where the answer should always be tailored to your preferences. DJ Knight will take requests if you allow then, and he will make sure that he matches requests to the mood of the room.

8. Will you do overtime?
There’s nothing worse than the DJ packing up and leaving just because your reception runs slightly behind schedule. DJ Knight can work overtime provided that the venue allows it, and rates have been agreed in advance.

9. How long have you been working as a DJ?
This is an important question from the writers at Wedding Ideas Mag. A meeting with your DJ is an ideal time to find out about their experience, and make yourself 100% certain that they’re passionate about the job. Years of experience and unrivalled dedication make for the absolute best wedding DJs.

10. How can I book you?
Last on the list of10 crucial wedding DJ questions: once you’re sure that you’ve found the right person for the job, go ahead and book them! To avoid disappointment you need to plan ahead and make sure you’re booking in advance – that said, if his schedule allows for it then DJ Knight can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings. Get in touch with him here.

Armed with these 10 crucial wedding DJ questions, you will know that your event is in the best hands!

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