Why Book DJ Knight?

You’d have to be completely mad to miss out on the opportunity of having DJ Knight performing at your next event – and here are ten great reasons why!

Why Book DJ Knight? His Experience!

DJ Knight has over 15 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, and in that time he has brought incredible beats to many different parties and celebrations. Experience playing at so many different kinds of events – from weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthday parties to launch parties and corporate events – means that DJ Knight has learned how to satisfy every different kind of crowd.

Why Book DJ Knight? His Expertise!

With great experience comes expertise. If you’re wondering why to book DJ Knight, then you need to know that he has a unique talent for reading crowds and keeping the songs flowing at the right pace. With so much practice, he has honed the ability to tell what songs will kill the buzz and what songs will fill the dance floor with rhythm to a fine art.

Why Book DJ Knight? For a Bespoke Service!

Every service that DJ Knight delivers is tailored to suit your exact needs. He understands how important it is to get everything just right, and he will listen to every request and decision that you make. Your entertainment will fit with your theme, audience, venue, and it will conjure up whatever mood or atmosphere you are looking for.

Why Book DJ Knight? He Can Take Care of Production and Planning!

DJ Knight can bring more than just the music to your private or corporate event. He works with a fantastic team who can take care of every element of planning and production – delivering extra entertainers, services like DJ Live, or helping with planning and ideas. This means that the entire process can be completely stress-free.

Why Book DJ Knight? He Can Act as Master of Ceremonies!

DJ Knight can also bring his charm and wit to the dance floor with him to act as your Master of Ceremonies. He will ensure that everything runs on time, that traditions are adhered to where appropriate and, most importantly, keep the audience smiling all night long.

Why Book DJ Knight? DJ Knight Will Play Anywhere!

Having played at great venues all over the world, DJ Knight is a seasoned traveller who will happily travel out to DJ at any far flung destination. That said, he’s just as happy performing in his home city: London.

Why Book DJ Knight? For his Style and Soul!

DJ Knight is the most fashionable DJ around, and he will always turn up in clothing that matches your occasion, be it a themed outfit or just a great tux. He is dedicated and professional in every respect, and that goes right down to his appearance.

Why Book DJ Knight? He Will Meet You in Person!

Some DJs will avoid the commitment of a face to face meeting before the job itself. However DJ Knight thinks it is a crucial part of making sure that your exact needs are heard and understood, and that everybody is 100% happy with the arrangements.

Why Book DJ Knight? DJ Knight has a Genuine Love of Music!

Since a child listening to Jazz, Classical and Hip Hop beats, DJ Knight has had a genuine love for music. This translates into true care in every single performance that he gives: as he pumps the tracks out onto the dance floor, his enthusiasm will be guaranteed to infect the guests.

Why Book DJ Knight? He’s Simply the Best!

DJ Knight offers the whole package: a professional service based on experience, passion and knowledge, with all the extra services that you might need. Wherever you are in the world, he’s simply the best DJ for any sort of event, party or special occasion.

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